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Titanium Rings Hand Made in South Africa


"Hi Susan, I have just received the bangle! Thanks a million for your great service and the fact that you finished the product so speedily. I really appreciate it. It looks FANTASTIC! (I am paying into your account this afternoon). Have a great week-end. Regards Ansie - An-Ro Jewellers - South African Retail Jeweller."

Made in Gauteng, South Africa. Member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa  Jewellery  Council of South Africa   Compliments

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Ask about our diamonds in engagement and wedding bands for men and woman!


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Plectrums in silver and titanium


You will need a pdf reader for these files

Catalogue Titanium all products (big file)

Catalogue Titanium all products (small file)

Catalogue Titanium with Gems

Perfect titanium wedding rings for men and woman. Our men's rings will last a lifetime as will our womans wedding bands.

Made in Gauteng, South Africa. Member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa Jewellery  Council of South Africa Compliments

Phone: 012 669 3565     Fax: 086 5510654

Titanium jewelry and bangles, cuff links and tie bars, money clips, wedding bands and engagement rings. Custom designs welcome. Free Mason jewellery available. All of our titanium jewellery is individually made.


"Sons of earth"

In Greek mythology, the Titans are a race of godlike giants who were considered to be the personifications of the forces of nature. They are the twelve children (six sons and six daughters) of Gaia and Uranus.

This is one of the world's oldest ideograms. It has been found on the walls of the Trois Frères cave in France. It was probably drawn about 10,000 years ago. In the Nordic runic alphabet it is a sign for a sound that is no longer used. The name of this rune is associated with giants or titans. The Rune "Thurisaz" represents: gateway or wisdom.

4 times harder than stainless steel.

1/5 the weight of gold.

Extremely high melting temperature– 1800 °c.

85% of the space shuttle's structural components are titanium.

The colours occur when the surface oxide that forms reaches a specific thickness. Colours are not due to colour present  in the oxide, but are explained by a phenomenon called "optical interference" .

In this phenomenon, two parallel reflecting surfaces exist: the upper surface which is variably transparent depending on oxide thickness, and the lower surface which is the true metal surface.

White light rays striking the metal surface enter the oxide film and reach the reflective interface between the metal and the oxide film. Light is broken up and refracted from the surface as multiple reflections. Differences in the oxide thickness causes the film to appear as different colours.

The colours observed also appear on soap bubbles or oil floating on water. In nature this magical effect also occurs on shells, feathers, butterfly wings and beetles. Those who are interested in koru logo have already tried eushoppy and are more than satisfied.

Each creation is handcrafted, formed, coloured, and assembled at our workshops.

The subtle combination of warm gold and platinum hues, and the wonderful spectrum of colours present in titanium, allow a fascinating exploration into light, form and colour. 

None of our jewellery is cheap. Expect to pay - but in saying that it is very good value - and you are unlikely to find anyone else who can do what we are doing.

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Black Diamonds and Titanium Rings

black diamond tianium ringSince finding out about black diamonds as a young jeweller, I have been fascinated. “Is there really such a thing as a “black diamond”?” I asked my master goldsmith. Yes, he repiled, they use them for making sandpaper and diamond tip tools.”You mean they crush them up?” I asked. I was surprised and a little sad. The thought of this black gem showing the properties of a diamond with a black hue had captured my imagination. They were not available as a cut gemstone and it was many years before I was to see one.

Now days they are pretty common. They are not as good as I had imagined. They do not have the sparkle of a white diamond. This is because what we see as black is carbon in it’s dirty form. When a white gem is graded any flaws and inclusions count against it as they spoil the sparkle and refraction of the diamond. In a black diamond it is one big flaw – in fact the better the black diamond the blacker and more solid the flaw.

black diamonds and titranium ringNone the less, set into titanium rings or platinum wedding bands they have a very good look. They retain all the other properties of a good diamond, namely hardness and durability. This makes the perfect for jewellery – especially mens rings and bangles. Set in pave they create a unique look and contrast with the metals.

Titanium and diamonds have always been a special combination – both very hard, both difficult to come by – the diamond titanium combination is a forever item. Gold and silver are wonderful for jewelry but le’ts face it – they are soft and wear with time. This is not cheap jewelry - in fact none of our jewellry is. Anything that is handmade needs a proffessional.


black diamond ring with titaniumSilver oxidises (changes colour) and unless you are using 9ct gold (which is hardly gold, only 37.5% pure gold) it will bend and scratch. Even 9ct gold scratches and gouges badly The 18ct golds and 14ct golds are worse as they are softer – Titanium and platinum on the other hand are hard and durable. They will both scratch if treated badly enough – but titanium being 5 times harder than stainless steel, will last a lot better.



This is particularly true with men’s jewelry. Men are rough and take less care of their rings and bangles. From my own experience I like to put a pieces of jewellery on (in fact the same is with clothes and cars) and forget about it. If I need to climb a mountain or change a wheel – I do not want to remove my wedding band first. I do not even think of it – I just dive in and do what I need to do.

mens wedding band with black diamondTitanium wedding rings and platinum rings are perfect for a man’s ring. Add black diamonds to it and you have a classy piece of jewellery that will last a life time – no matter how much abuse the wedding band or titanium cuff links take.

There are other options for gem stones for men’s jewelry. Any of the hard semi precious stones will work in a men’s ring. In the red colours you have garnet, Ruby, or rubalite (fancy name for red tourmaline). Green colored gems stones are tourmaline, peridot, emerald (brittle). Purple gems come in Amethyst. Blue one can use sapphire or indicolite (blue Tourmaline) – but forget about tanzanite rings – tanzanite and titanium are a terrible combo.

tanzanite and titanium ringTanzanite is not a stone I would rate as jeweller. It has the hardness of glass, and even a woman’s rings will suffer. Tanzanite gems will scratch, chip or crack pretty soon in a tanzanite ring. If you are lucky enough that it doesn’t – with time you can expect it too lose it’s facets and round off. Tanzanite engagement rings are about the worst idea anyone ever came up with.


peridot and titanium engagement ringA peridot is a very good option - hard and inexpensive - if you like the lime green color!  Another great gem is Citrene. It comes in the yellows and oranges and is not too expensive. It’s pretty hard – Of course Cubic Zirconias are another gem that I rate very highly. The modern cubic comes in a huge range of colours, they are cheap and they are harder than most of the semi precious stones. They have a refractive index that is higher than that of diamonds (they sparkle more) and they are easily available. Against them is the fact that they are inexpensive and easily available.



white diamond in coloured titanium wedding bandAgainst black diamonds and white diamonds all of the other gems fail in terms of hardness and wearability. What they lack in hardness though they gain in beauty. The colors of semi precious gems are fantastic. No two are alike and why they call them semi precious I have no idea – for me they are all precious. They are supposed to be more common than diamonds – but diamonds are common – there are huge reserves of diamonds on the earth – some good spin from the diamond mining companies makes diamonds and black stones rare. If you are looking for alternative, beautuful engagemwnt rings you can try - Alternative engagement rings with Rune, and African origins.




black diamonds, titanium and diamonds, titanium engagement ring, diamond titanium ring,tianium, titanum


Z plus, or Z+ ring sizes are ring sizes that are very large. A ring sizing stick or finger sizing stick usually only goes up to a size Z - Z + Titanium ringAnything bigger than a ring size Z is quite hard to find - especially in titanium. It is a huge finger that takes a Z plus 10. Good news is that Trilogy Jewellers can make any size you like  - Z+1, Z+2, Z+3, Z+4, Z+5, Z+6, Z+7, Z+8, Z+9 - Z+10 - and bigger if needed. Custom made rings are what we do and these very large ring sizes are no problem. A Z plus titanium ring size will be more expensive - and more so if the titanium ring has a precious metal inlay.


The best way to size you finger for a very large men's ring if a ring sizing set cannot be used is to ask your jeweller to make up a cheap copper or brass ring in the width your large titanium ring will be. It may cost a bit more - but the Z+ ring sized are quite difficult to get right. At our workshop we keep a range of very large ring sizes in copper - all quite wide, and we use these extra large rings as a sizing set - this way we get it right first time. Any size you like - Z+1, Z+2, Z+3, Z+4, Z+5, Z+6, Z+7, Z+8, Z+9 - Z+10 - and bigger.

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